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Survival of the Fittest's Wiki is open to edits by members of the community, in the areas of Character and Plotlines. The sections of Heaven, Hell and Species rosters are dedicated to SotF's staff members, who have carefully molded the mythology of Supernatural with theological presets to create a universe unique to the fandom. It is still quintessentially Supernatural - but its fleshed out in ways not generally seen in the roleplaying community, in order to make for a more interactive environment. We hope you enjoy your stay,

SotF Staff.

What is SotF?Edit

Survival of the Fittest is an AU Supernatural RPG taking place after season seven. The site has developed an incredible mythos and hierarchy all its own based off of the hit TV series, and this Wiki is dedicated to filling in all the gaps between what Supernatural tells us and what the Fittest know.

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